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NASDAQ-listed public tech company acquires a Nepali AI startup

Naamche + reAlpha


Barun Pandey
December 08, 2023

Kathmandu, 4th December – Naamche Inc Pvt Ltd, an artificial intelligence services company, is thrilled to announce its acquisition by reAlpha, a prominent NASDAQ-listed PropTech company based in the United States.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the Nepali IT industry - Naamche is the first Nepali IT company to be acquired by a Nasdaq-listed company.

Naamche Inc Pvt Ltd began its collaboration with reAlpha in 2021 when it built ‘reAlphaBRAIN’ - an advanced AI system designed to evaluate Real Estate property investment feasibility. This partnership has been instrumental in reAlpha's growth and success, leading to its status as a public company in the US.

With this acquisition, Naamche Inc Pvt Ltd is set to expand its operations, leveraging reAlpha's resources to grow its team in Nepal and further its ability to develop cutting-edge AI products in-house. This move not only signifies the strength and potential of Naamche Inc Pvt Ltd but also highlights the exceptional talent and innovation within the Nepali IT sector.

"We are immensely proud of this landmark achievement. It not only represents the culmination of our collaborative efforts with reAlpha but also underscores the global competitiveness of Nepali IT companies," said Ramesh Pathak, CEO of Naamche Inc Pvt Ltd.

This acquisition is a testament to the shared vision and commitment of both companies to revolutionize the AI and tech landscape in the Real Estate industry. It opens new horizons for technological advancements and solidifies the presence of Nepali IT talent on the global stage.

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