We are officially a part of reAlpha  🎉. Together, we will build Claire - world's first commission-less AI real estate agent. 🤖.  Read more

We turn ideas into wonderful AI-powered products

We are helping startups build AI-driven products that customers adore.

Since our inception, our only goal has been to help startups build innovative, AI-powered products that exceed customer expectations.

Naamche Rescue Helicopter

Our Process

  1. STEP 1


    You come up with an idea. We research, find solutions.

  2. STEP 2


    We assign an A team of AI engineers and developers who execute the plan.

  3. STEP 3


    We iterate focused on MAPs (Minimum Awesome Product).

  4. STEP 4

    User Feedback

    We create customer feedback patterns to fuel iteration so your product grows

Products we're working on

World’s first commission-free AI real estate agent.

Buyers can tell Claire what they want in a home like they would to a friend.

Then, using AI, Claire will understand their preferences and match them with the best available home.

Claire also guides them throughout their home-buying journey. From pre-approval to closing.

Naamche powers Claire

A marketing co-pilot for real estate.

With Gena, realtors can create high-performing marketing materials for their property listings using AI.

Gena’s real estate creative suite provides listing descriptions, social media posts, and reels for a property in seconds.

Naamche powers gena

A digital marketplace that aggregates a local skilled talent pool and sends relevant available home renovations projects.

The goal is to provide people with online platform to manage and find jobs like painting, cleaning and more. which generally comes with turn of a unit.

Managing 1000+ units
Naamche powers turnit