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Saramsha Dotel Founder/CTO
Ramesh Pathak Founder/CEO
Barun Pandey Founder/CMOO

Hey, Saramsha (the hacker), Ramesh (the hipster), and Barun (the hustler) here.

Imagine it's 2020.

Three AI nerds set out on a dreamβ€”a dream to build an AI product of our own.

And, we had a lot of fun (with many sleepless nights, of course).

But, we wanted to change the world. Our product was making the experience of reading the news better for thousands of people.

So, work didn't feel like work at all.

We ran many experiments, tinkered with a lot of AI models - and went through several iterations. And with each iteration, we learned about our customers better. With each iteration, we tuned the product to meet their needs.

And the kicker? It isn't just the three of us. This is every early-stage founder. This is you - with a dream. A dream to change the world. And we believe you will.

That's why when we decided to shut down the product, we realized our new calling.

To help early-stage founders like you build your product ideas from zero to one. To help early-stage founders like you leverage AI to make products that feel like magic. And so we gave birth to the idea of Naamche.

We are product tinkerers,
not just AI nerds

Since 2020, things have changed quite a bit.

We feel proud to have worked with 10s of early-stage founders to build their products and some have raised millions in funding after they worked with us (we can't promise millions in funding, but a kickass product - we sure do!).

And we are no longer three. We now have 25 awesome product builders and tinkerers on our team.

But we handpicked each one because they had the same calling as we did (it's kinda magic - like we duplicated us three into 25). And like us, working with founders like you is fun for them.

But no. we duped you. Nothing has changed since 2020.

We still obsess over giving you the best team to build your products.

We still believe we are your partners. Not contractors.

And we will never shy away from our mission. The mission to become the most founder-centric agency ever.

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Meet the Sherpas of

Ramesh Pathak Founder/CEO
Ramesh PathakFounder/CEO
Saramsha Dotel Founder/CTO
Saramsha DotelFounder/CTO
Barun Pandey Founder/CMOO
Barun PandeyFounder/CMOO
Anusandhan Pokhrel Head of Design
Anusandhan PokhrelHead of Design
Avishekh Shrestha Head of AI
Avishekh ShresthaHead of AI
Aakrit Subedi Tech Lead
Aakrit SubediTech Lead
Ravi Giri Tech Lead
Ravi GiriTech Lead
Krishna Upadhyaya Tech Lead
Krishna UpadhyayaTech Lead
Dinesh Devkota Sr. Software Engineer
Dinesh DevkotaSr. Software Engineer
Srijan Bajracharya Sr. Software Engineer
Srijan BajracharyaSr. Software Engineer
Aashish Bhandari Sr. Software Engineer
Aashish BhandariSr. Software Engineer
Samrat Pandey Sr. Software Engineer
Samrat PandeySr. Software Engineer
Nishan Poudel ML Engineer
Nishan PoudelML Engineer
Aayush Neupane ML Engineer
Aayush NeupaneML Engineer
Pranjal Pokharel Software Engineer
Pranjal PokharelSoftware Engineer
Sangam Chaulagain Software Engineer
Sangam ChaulagainSoftware Engineer
Sabin Thapa Software Engineer
Sabin ThapaSoftware Engineer
Nishant Shrestha Software Engineer
Nishant ShresthaSoftware Engineer
Aditi Poudel UX Designer
Aditi PoudelUX Designer
Rabin Joshi UX Designer
Rabin JoshiUX Designer
Samsmriti Tiwary UX Designer
Samsmriti TiwaryUX Designer
Barun Sharma Content Writer
Barun SharmaContent Writer
Sudhanshu Acharya Content Writer
Sudhanshu AcharyaContent Writer
Shreejan Satyal Content Writer
Shreejan SatyalContent Writer
Bhupendra Dangi QA Engineer
Bhupendra DangiQA Engineer
Diwas Basnet Graphic Designer
Diwas BasnetGraphic Designer

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