Our story

Inspired by the Jeff Bezos' ethos of becoming the earth's most-customer centric company , our founding trio of a hacker, a hustler and a hipster took upon the wonderful challenge of solving difficult problems in 2020. In the process, we built Paana - a news app that aimed to change the way people read news.
Now we are looking to take on similar challenges from our clients, and help scale the core of their businesses, while we scale the technology that fuels it.

We are product tinkerers, not just code junkies.

We are on a mission to become world's leading AI/ML company with a special focus on building products leveraging them.

We like to keep it lean -- and build products at a rapid pace, so you can learn as you are trying to grow your business. That's what we do with our products ourselves, and we take a special care to make sure we treat our client businesses the same.

Meet the founding team

Barun Pandey

Ramesh Pathak

Saramsha Dotel

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